InMotion RS Electric Scooter ultra-high performance escooter - advanced dual 2000W motors - upto 110km/h!

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InMotion RS Electric Scooter Specifications


Recommended Ages 18+
Shipping Weight 70kg
e-Scooter Weight 58kg
Max Speed* 110km/h
Max Range* 160km
Max Hill Climb* 50%
Motor Dual 2000W
Battery 72V 40Ah 2880WH
Charge Time 8.5hr (4.5hr with fast charger)
Tyres 11" x 3.5" tubeless tyres
Brakes Front & rear full hydraulic and regenerative braking
Suspension Adjustable C shaped hydraulic suspension
Lights Front and rear lighting, ambient lighting & indicators
Display LED screen
Power Modes Eco, Normal, Sport and Extreme.
Max Weight Load 150kg
IP Rating IPX6 frame, IPX7 battery rating
Scooter Dimensions (Unfolded) 1473mm x 716mm x 1363mm
Scooter Dimensions (Folded) 1473mm x 716mm x 684mm
Ground Clearance 129.2mm
Bar Width 716mm
Smart battery management



Introducing the InMotion RS, an ultra-high performance E Scooter with a reinvented transforming system. Equipped with dual 2000W motors and a peak output of 8400W, this beast delivers eye-tearing speed of up to 110km/h, excellent torque, and 50% hill-climbing performance. With its revolutionary transforming system, the RS enables the ride to morph the high-performance E Scooter from a sports car-like racing machine to an off-road vehicle with obstacle-crossing capability.

InMotion’s most powerful electric scooter to date, the RS (Racing Sport), is the answer to the most exigent riders seeking performance, reliability, design, connectivity. Truly one of a kind, the RS Super Scooter is a condensate of everything that characterises InMotion, cutting edge designs, innovation, quality manufacturing, smart engineering, coupled with extremely high performance.

Featuring dual 72V sine wave controllers and a combined 100A bus
current, the InMotion RS offers enhanced energy conversion efficiency. This powerful setup ensures a smoother ride and impressive acceleration for an exhilarating performance, taking the rider from 0km/h - 50km/h in an incredible 3.5 seconds.

The RS E Scooter is fitted with InMotion's renowned smart BMS (Battery Management System) installed on a battery composed of high quality cells, 2 powerful Raptor-P controllers… the perfect companion for riders seeking adventure, adrenaline or simply a smooth and sleek ride in the city.

All-weather transportation… with its top of the line waterproof and splash resistance rating of IPX6 you can ride with confidence no matter the forecast. Say goodbye to the hassle of worrying about adverse wet weathering ruining your ride, and let the RS empower you to take on any challenges.

The InMotion RS isn’t just about technology, speed and performance… it is also designed with safety and comfort in mind. The built-in safety features include a powerful headlight, turning signals, a hydraulic braking system paired with electric brakes, excellent weight distribution and many other exciting features. As for the comfort, the rider can enjoy a sizeable and wide deck, a footrest, a large “T-Cross” handle bar, hydraulic suspensions and an XXL central display.
Powerful Dual 2000W Max Motor The InMotion RS E Scooter can climb hill slopes of up to 25 degrees, reaching speeds of 110km/h.
Reliable 2880Wh Battery This electric scooter can take on ranges of up to 160km.
11” Tubeless Tires. Keeping this scooter low maintenance, it has tubeless tyres offering exceptional tranction, control and stability on any surface.
Self regenerative braking system Dual full hydraulic braking system combined with a self regenerative braking system charging the battery, keeping you riding for longer.
Safe and easy folding An extremely sturdy folding mechanism that effortlessly folds down for easy storage.
150kg Max Load This e scooter can hold up with individual weights of 150kg, suiting most riders.
Smart Battery System Your e scooter will be ready to ride out of the box, with 14 levels of battery protection, leaving no concerns of overcharging or discharging.

Comfort Ride, Adjustable Height

Built with wider handlebars, deck and wheels this scooter is comfortable and sturdy. Four selectable pedal height settings from 183mm to 303mm ground clearance

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