Bicycle Bike Bar Conversion Adaptor bar For Car Racks Dual suspension MTB Road Black

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  • For full suspension, kids and ladies y frame bikes.
  • Swivel frame adaptor for easy connection.
  • Quick release.
  • Weight capacity 20kg.
  • Ensure that the bicycle saddle is securely attached to the seatpost, and the seatpost is securely installed in the bicycle frame before using the Quick Release Bar Adaptor. Press the snap buttons at each end of the frame adapter to open the hooks.
  • The Bar Adaptor must be attached the right way up. (See image) As indicated by the UP label. Place the smaller hook around the bicycle seatpost and close the hook. Ensure the snap button is fully engaged. Pull on the larger hook to extend the frame adapter tube and secure the larger hook around the bicycle stem. Close the hook and ensure the snap button is fully engaged.
  • The bicycle can now be attached to a hitch-mounted or trunk-mounted bicycle carrier using the frame adapter as the mounting point.
  • CAUTION: When attaching the frame to the bicycle, ensure snap buttons are fully engaged, and the bicycle is securely attached to the vehicle rack. An improperly secured bicycle may fall, causing personal injury and damage to the bicycle, your vehicle, or vehicles following behind you on the road.

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