InMotion Climber Electric Scooter Dual Wheel Power escooter for Hill Climbs

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InMotion Climber Electric Scooter Specifications


Model Commuter Climber
Recommended Ages 16+
e-Scooter Weight 20.8kg
Product Manufactured for WA Max speed 25km/h
Max Speed* 38km/h
Max Range* 56km
Max Hill Climb* 36%
Motor Dual 450W (max 750W)
Battery 36V 15Ah
Charge Time 9hrs
Tyres 10" Front & rear pneumatic tyres
Brakes Electronic & disc brake
Lights Headlight, brake light
Display Speed, battery, mode, bluetooth, lights
Power Modes Walk, standard, speed
Max Weight Load 130kg
IP Rating IPX7 battery, IPX6 body
Scooter Dimensions (Unfolded) 1167mm x 510mm x 1195mm
Scooter Dimensions (Folded) 1165mm x 510mm x 590mm
Ground Clearance 95mm
Bar Width 510mm
Foot Space 170mm x 485mm



Double The Power, Double The Fun!

InMotion’s first Electric Scooter equipped with dual motors... the Commuter Climber produces an astounding total nominal power of up to 1500W max, with the increased power and torque allowing for a more responsive, consistent and enjoyable ride. These power-packed motors allow the rider to take on 36% inclines, slopes and terrain without losing any speed.

Embrace The Ultra Fast Speed

The Commuter Climber reaches impressive speeds of up to 38km/h. Also, it is able to deliver fast acceleration from 0 to 25km/h top out at 3.5 seconds.

Heavy Rain? So What!

The Commuter Climber is built to handle whatever life sprays its way, with IPX6-rated splash and water resistance, you are free to explore and go on adventures.

A Battery That Is Safe And Smart!

The Commuter Climber features the smart Battery Management System (BMS) to constantly monitor the status of each battery cell and improve the available capacity of a battery pack. Also, it is built with a battery balancer in the battery pack to perform battery balancing, this can greatly increase each cell's longevity and charging safety. All information on the battery is easily accessible through the InMotion smartphone app.

Braking Like You Wouldn't Believe

Equipped with a powerful braking system with an electric brake on both tires and a disc brake on the rear tire, the Commuter Climber provides more precise control during braking events and the reaction time can be within 0.01 second.

Unexpected Comfort With 10-Inch Tyres

The Commuter Climber applies the 10-inch low-rolling resistance tires with extra-thick inner tube to help reduce the puncture chance and deliver improved grip comfort and durability. Ride with ease over city terrain and enjoy a smooth ride even at high speeds from start to finish. Ensuring that there is no time wasted or costs on unnecessary servicing, the Commuter Climber has been crafted with an innovative modular design, to allow for a quick, 10-minute tyre change that can be easily done by the rider. The Commuter Climber box also comes with 2 FREE tubes, plus all the tool necessary to complete a tyre change.

Easily Handles Heavy Riders

With the aircraft-grade aluminium, the Commuter Climber is extremely sturdy and durable, providing a maximum load capacity of 130kg, which is generally enough to carry extra heavy riders.

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