Disc Brake Alarm Lock - ideal for MTB Bike, Escooter, Scooter or any wheel with disc brakes - BLACK

Color: Black
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Disc Brake Alarm Lock For Bike, Ebike, Escooter - Black, Red, Yellow or Blue


-Security anti-theft lock universal for motorcycle, scooter, bicycle etc.

-It works by locking the disc brake.

-Simple and convenient operation. Click the lock cylinder, it will be locked.

-Support warning alert function. There will be alarm sounds if the lock is shocked by someone.

Usage Instructions:

Press the lock core to lock and you will hear the sound "DU", which means it is coming into alarm status, after 5 seconds,

When the lock or vehicle is vibrated, the lock will give an alarm "DU DU DU" three sounds, when the lock is vibrated again, after 5 seconds, it will give an alarm and keep alarm with serial vibration. Each alarm will last for 10 seconds.

5 seconds to open the lock for the owner, if the lock can't be opened, it will give an alarm. Use the key to open the lock and the alarm will stop at once

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