InMotion S1 Electric Scooter ultimate commuter city escooter - 500w Dual Suspension

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InMotion S1 Electric Scooter Specifications

Model S1 Electric Scooter

Recommended Ages16yrs+ (Riders Under 16yrs Must Have Adult Supervision)

Shipping Weight 30kg

e-Scooter Weight 24kg

Max Speed 30km/h

Max Range 95km

Max Hill Climb 30% Gradient

Motor Rear 500W Battery 54V 12.5AH

Charge Time 7.2hrs (3.6hrs with 2 Chargers)

Tyres 10" Tubeless Pneumatic Front and Rear

Brakes Front Drum Brake, Rear Electric Brake

Suspension Twin Front Shocks, Rear Spring

Lights Double 1.25W Headlight, Customizable Deck RGB LED Strip With Turn Signal Functionality, Rear Wheel Led Brake Light

Display - Speed, Mode, Battery, Bluetooth, Turn Signal

Power Modes 3

Max Weight Load140kg

IP Rating Body IP55 / Battery IPX7 / Controller IPX6

Scooter Dimensions (Unfolded)1250mm (L) x 520mm (W) x 1275mm (H)

Scooter Dimensions (Folded)1250mm (L) x 520mm (W) x 560mm (H)

Ground Clearance 90mm

Bar Width 520mm

Foot Space150mm x 480mm

Bluetooth 4.0 BLE for InMotion App

✓ Beginner to intermediate riders who need a reliable everyday mode of transport
✓ Everyday users who require reasonable power and comfort on their ride
✓ Riders who may carry their scooter onto public transport or transport it in their car boot
✓ Riders who may ride in wet weather conditions
✓ Anyone seeking a great value for money electric scooter 


The InMotion S1 is the ultimate commuter electric scooter.

More power, better ride quality and more extended range in a surprisingly compact and portable form. 

The InMotion S1 features a rear motor with powerful acceleration, the ability to travel massive distances on a single charge, industry-leading water resistance, awesome dual suspension, all-over lighting for visibility, a bright, informative dashboard, convenient portability and a solid low, maintenance braking system.  

Asides from being feature-packed, what makes the InMotion S1 so popular with commuters is the smoothness of the ride. The acceleration is electronically filtered to provide the smoothest take-off and slow down on any electric scooter we have ever tested. So whether you are quickly accelerating up to the top speed of 30km/h or cruising along at a steady pace, you will never feel the InMotion S1 bounce you around. For riders who want to feel safe and have complete control over their scooter, this is a hugely important characteristic of riding the InMotion S1. 


About InMotion Electric Scooters

InMotion is a niche electric personal vehicle manufacturer based in Shenzhen, China. Specializing in low-volume, high quality, custom production runs, InMotion is famous for innovating and producing some of the most radical Personal Mobility Devices available today. InMotion pride itself on quality over quantity, and they have often refused to increase their production capacity to meet market demand, instead focusing on optimising its products and insisting on the highest Quality Control in its manufacturing process. The new InMotion S1 E Scooter is the pinnacle of InMotion’s range and is a result of their dedication to research and development, boasting a quality, value and robustness not seen in any other electric scooter.  



Water Resistant: Never fear rain, puddles or splashes when riding your InMotion S1. It is protected by the highest electric scooter water resistance rating in the industry. IP55 for the body, IPX6 for the controller, and IPX7 for the battery. 

Long Range: The InMotion S1 can travel a phenomenal factory-tested 95km on a single charge in eco mode. Our real-life tests resulted in a 78kg rider being able to travel 72km on undulating terrain, moving between eco and standard mode, averaging 20km/h. 

Comfort: Riding the InMotion S1 is oh so comfortable thanks to its heavy-duty dual suspension. Bumps and dips in the road are barely noticeable thanks to the high-quality shock absorbers in the front and rear. An extra long deck design means even the largest of feet will have plenty of room to stand comfortably on.  

Power to get up hills: In our tests, the InMotion S1 carried a 78kg rider up an incline of up to 18 degrees gradient thanks to its powerful 500w rear motor. This significantly outperformed the Ninebot-Segway Max and all other similarly-priced electric scooters in this category 

Safety first: InMotion has fitted a high-quality front drum brake. This gives you an incredible stopping distance of fewer than 2.6m from 25km/h. On the rear is an excellent regenerative electric brake which provides smooth braking whilst also recharging the battery. 

Portable: The InMotion S1 is easy to fold and carry. In just a couple of seconds, you can fold the scooter into a compact size. It fits into the boot of most medium-sized cars and is relatively easy to carry onto public transport or upstairs. 

LED Display: Bright and easy-to-view LED display screen lets you keep track of your speed and remaining battery range. 

Intelligent technology:  The InMotion S1 features smart systems for battery management, thermal protection and Bluetooth 4.0. Connect your S1 scooter to the InMotion app on your smartphone. View detailed ride data, change settings and diagnose problems. All this and more are at your fingertips. 

3 Speed Modes: You can select from eco, normal or sports mode, depending on your mood or desire to preserve battery. 

Lights: Very bright dual front LED light means riding in the dark is no problem for the S1. Additionally, the in-built LED lights in the deck create a bright aura around the scooter, making it clearly visible to other road users at night. The automatic lean-activated turn signal lights also alert other road users of your intention to turn without having to take your hands off the grips.


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