NOOYAH Tailgate Pick Up Truck UTE Cover Pad Protector - Upto 7 x MTB Mountain Bikes

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The perfect pad for slinging your bike to the trailhead

  • 154cm long – 40cm deep – 10cm wide gusset – 2.8kg
  • Microfleece lining keeps your truck scratch free
  • Padded tailgate protection
  • Four web cinch straps – holds 7 bikes
  • 1000D polyester is durable and can withstand the elements
  • Individual bike anchor straps hold each bike securely



Bikes and trucks go together like peanut butter and jelly. It's hard to compete with the ease of tossing your trusty steed into the bed of a pickup to bust out laps at your local trailhead. The NOOYAH PR012 Pickup Pad is the perfect tool to get it there safely, and protect your carbon frame from the tailgate, or the tailgate from steel scratches and dings along the way.

The fleece lined padding is covered with a thick layer of 1000D polyester for serious durability, and it's topped with a UV- and weather-resistant coating, so you can leave the pad on your truck all season long, always ready spontaneous shuttles. Four straps wrap around your tailgate to keep the pad secure, and two lockable grommets enable you to run a cable lock through all of your bikes, keeping them secure when you stop for your post ride pilsner and pizza.

Large fits full sized trucks and can haul up to seven. Regardless of size, the pads include secure bike anchors to keep your machines in place.

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